The Almond Blossom

The Almond Blossom

Of all the fruit of the garden the first to bloom is the almond tree. With it, the feeling that starts at the end of the winter is a reality and it's always nice to see these flowers on a sunny day in the countryside.

The Almond originating in the mountainous regions of Central Asia and is cultivated in Spain for over 2,000 years. Its botanical name is Prunus amygdalus and belongs to the family of lasRosáceas.

Their roots make it up a few more in diameter, that develop in breadth and depth and the subsequent ramifications emerging root system forming a high-volume and length. Regarding its trunk is smooth in youth, becoming cracked with time. When the tree is young the bark is green ... turning brown and gray as the tree becomes an adult.

Technically, the almond has different fruiting bodies that are called with names like 'mixed bouquets', 'the chiffon' and 'May bouquets', these are the most important since they have buds solitary.

Almond leaves are bright green, lanceolate shaped, long, narrow and pointed. And the flowers have five sepals and five petals, these colors varying from white and pink. As the fruit is technically a drupe with a single hard-shelled seed normally, which is edible and which has two integuments surround.

Anecdotally, the almond is a self-incompatible species, and therefore requires cross-pollination. So, first must be placed pollinators for greater fruit set and the other ... the work of the bees is essential.


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