As we must water the plants

As we must water the plants

Watering plants properly is a good way to have them always in good condition. The water we use is very important because through it can absorb the nutrients needed to live and stay healthy.

The ideal water for our plants rainwater, so it is advisable to put it together in Fuentona or buckets and stored in sealed containers for a few days while the plants we used to (if not live in highly polluted areas where usually very acidic rain).

But if you are unable to collect rain water you can use tap water or tap water, but usually much chlorine, the ideal is to fill a pitcher or bucket and leave for a day so the chlorine evaporates .

Insert your fingers into the earth at least an inch, if the wet notes, is not yet time to water the plant.
Believe it or not, the water where you cooked boiled eggs is full of minerals and is an energy drink for your plants.

Another water with great power is that of fertilizer and water tanks in which fish has been thawed.

Plants that have bulbs should be watered from below. This will need to fill a plate, Fuentona or the sink and place the pot in there.
If the area you live in snow, pick up some of that fresh snow and let it melt. After the plants watered with it, the snow water, a large number of minerals.

The water we use to water should always be at room temperature. If we do it with very cold water, could harm our plants.


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