Tips to eliminate weeds in the garden

Tips to eliminate weeds in the garden

Weeds are plants with great ability to adapt so that they appear in all terrains and other have a greater ability to "own" water, space and nutrients, harming other plants and in many cases coming to kill them.
Therefore, weeds that appear in our gardens, not only the eyesore but can finish with it.
But the positive is that we can prevent its occurrence and each time they occur if we eliminate those, they will weaken, so that progressively cease to appear.

The methods may be physical, such as a show of hands, hoe or edger, or chemical herbicides.

A hand or hoe
It is the traditional method and therefore the most used.
The best spade for this task, is the tiny, narrow, often referred to hoe. With this tool you can work among the flowers or plants from the garden in comfort. The best are those long-handled rather not have to lean so much and hurt his back.
It is advisable to water the day before so the soil is more moist, so make the grass more easily.
Try to remove the weeds with roots as much as possible, although this has to dig a lot, this will avoid an appearance soon.
This is done mainly in flowering plants, garden or small areas where herbicides can not be used since it also would damage the plants.

Debrozadora or edger.
This method is carried out using a machine called, trimmer or edger. It has a thread and also allow us to remove the weeds, we are also very useful wing shaping of the edges of the lawn
The drawback is that cuts the grass at ground level, ie, leaving the entire root in the earth, so they grow back soon.
With this machine, you must be careful not to damage the child co nylon trunks of trees or shrubs, as these wounds can kill the plant over time.

Herbicides are chemicals that pollute and can affect other plants, animals and even people, so only used in cases in which the only effective method. It is used mainly in large areas where almost no other than weed plant or weed, thus the problem is attacked once. Herbicides are applied to the leaves, and then are absorbed through the sap is moving the poison to the roots and so the plant dies and does not re-sprout.


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