The Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower

The Lotus is a very unique plant, although it should very well know what species it is, because under the word 'Lotus', there are several species which have nothing to do flowers and appearance of the plant.

Similarly, it is very common to confuse the concept of 'Lotus' and 'Lotus' ... and as a direct result ... what plant we mean when we use them. Lotus flower When we say we are talking about a flower garden plant used a lot in rock gardens, whereas when we speak of 'lotus', we refer to an aquatic plant such as water lilies ....

In this case, we refer specifically to the Lotus flower. And within them there are several species such as berthelotii Lotus, Lotus maculatus, and Lotus tetragonolobus Lotus corniculata for example. Of these, the Lotus and Lotus maculatus berthelotii are commonly used in gardens, mostly in the Mediterranean and in the form of seed beads.

In full bloom, when it is abundant, the forms and the appearance of Lotus flowers convey a visual spectacle as if the plant was in flames.


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