The Chrysanthemum flower

The Chrysanthemum flower

The Chrysanthemum as such, Spain is closely associated with the feast of All Saints' Day. However, this flower is consumed throughout the year under the name of a flower margaritas happy, beautiful and economical.

Botanically, the genus Chrysanthemum belongs to the family Asteraceae and comprises one of the type of the oldest cultivated flowers, both cut flowers (cut flowers) as a potted ornamental plant. Its main attraction is its ornamental flowers and these really are an inflorescence chapter. There are different types of sections (flower) grown commercially, but in general, this inflorescence is composed of two types of flowers: the female located in the radial area of the chapter and which correspond to the outer row on the flowers, and hermaphroditic located the concentric zone ... which obviously correspond to the plants. The floral receptacle or chapter is flat or convex shape and is surrounded by its attractive bracts surround, popularly mistaken as petals.

The chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum), is a flower full of symbolism in many countries. So, Japan is considered the national flower and is still used in ceremonies and the flower is the symbol of long life (contrary to what many people think, the sphere in the Japanese flag does not represent the rising sun but the heart of one stripped of its petals chrysanthemum), China is a symbol of wisdom, as in many others such as honesty and the United States is usually perceived as positive and meaning of good feeling.
According to documentation, the Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum) was introduced in Europe through France in the late eighteenth century and the first crop of this plant in Spain coincides with the beginning in the nineteenth century. Currently, professional florists grow complex hybrids of this plant and most species that have created modern cultivars originate in China: Chrysanthemum indicum, Chrysanthemum morifolium and Chrysanthemum x hortorum. Note that potted chrysanthemum is technically called Dedranthema.
Cut flowers (cut flowers) are marketed both in bottles or forming only the Chrysanthemum flower arrangements with other flowers and ornamental green and in the form of potted plant, its most popular size of 11-15 cm in diameter throughout the year and 14-20 inch models are cultivated on time ahead of the feast of All Saints' Day.
Cut flowers (cut flowers) is distributed primarily by physical or online florists and instead, the form of potted plant, do it for garden centers and supermarkets.
As to the chrysanthemum growing, both as a potted plant and for cut flowers, there are two clearly defined types:

* The cultivation of the Chrysanthemum traditional natural flowering from October to November.
* The cultivation of flowering chrysanthemum caused directed and programmed by photoperiod techniques throughout the year.


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