Cultivation of Hybrid Petunia

Cultivation of Hybrid Petunia

One of the flowering plants in the garden more popular during the spring is the petunia. Its wide assortment of colors, added to the hardiness of your plant, can bring color and joy in large and spectacular flower patches.

Popularly known as Petunia, its scientific name is Petunia hybrid and belongs to the family Solanaceae.

Plantas de petunia híbrida de flores rosas

The Petunia is a perennial grown as an annual. This usually tends to grow very 'close to the ground' with heights from 25 to just over 40 centimeters tall. Its beauty lies mainly in its flowers may be single or double, straight or wavy edges, a combination of pure colors and overall ... color options for all tastes.
In Spain, the Petunia flowers from early spring until late summer, although each year reinforces a tendency to keep them in the garden for longer, until the end of poderlas found in warm climates throughout the year.
Its hardiness of crops, combined with the wide range of colorful flowers, make the plant be used in season now. Its use is based on distributed and flower borders in the group.
The petunias require direct sunlight and in terms of soil, vegetate best in fertile, well fertilized, well drained.
For the property of their foliage, we recommend watering daily if necessary during its period of greatest growth, provided the early hours of the morning, avoiding the middle of the day when the sun shines strongly.


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