Like planting a palm tree inside the house

Like planting a palm tree inside the house

The palm trees are in pots, inside the home, need more care than those that are planted directly in soil. We must pay more attention to watering, the fertilizer, the growth (to change the pot), in the light it receives, and so on.

Humidity. As in most households is generally low humidity, the palm can begin to dry (its leaves wither, lose luster and dry on top). In that case we recommend spray the plant with water.

Luz. As in most households the internal light is not much, the plant can suffer the lack of lighting, so it will stop growing and the leaves lose their normal brightness. For that reason it is advised that the palm is always near a window, if this is not possible, can be placed near the same place it near fluorescent lights and white walls.

Irrigation. In the case of palm trees is better to fall short with the water going over. Ideally, watering one or two times in the summer and every 10 or 12 days in the winter. The soil should allow for proper drainage so that water does not accumulate at the bottom of the pot.

Fertilizer. As the palm trees that grow indoors are low, the amount of fertilizer needed is small. This plant prefers slow-acting fertilizer, so not recommended for liquid fertilizers. Should be applied twice a year, once in autumn and the other in spring.

Clean. When leaves containing dust should be cleaned with a damp sponge or hose.

Transplant. To grow faster, the palms should be transplanted into a larger pot every 2 years or so.

Fresh air. Where possible, we recommend removing the palm to the outside (when the tempo is good) and always place them in a sheltered, shaded area.


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