Mint Features

Mint Features

The properties of mint are multiple and many known. The genus Mentha belongs to the family of Lamiaceae and in it are a large number of species such as, for example, Mentha piperita, Mentha spicata aromatic and culinary ... so popular in so many gardens.

Hojas de menta

Mint leaves
Mint is an edible herb prized for its refreshing aroma. It is rather used as a condiment in the kitchen and in the industry, their extracts are included in various lines of mouth and food products. Direct consumption or its derivatives gives us a sense of freshness in the mouth and airways. Also, its aroma is an appetite stimulant.
Distillation of mint essential oil is extracted rich in menthol (alcohol which has a cooling effect on the mucous membranes and has antipruritic and antiseptic properties.) This ingredient is highly valued and widely used commercially in areas of industrial food production such as candy, lotion, oral products, perfumes etc.
A gastronomic level, mint leaves are used in both dry and green. And of course in drinks like mojitos, mint tea, etc.
Another property of the mint is part of aromatherapy and is used as a stimulant for allegedly energizing effect on the emotional side.


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